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Biblical Responsible Investing

Insights for Kingdom-Minded Investors

Darryl W. Lyons

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A large shift in financial resources is currently underway. Learn how to position yourself to make effective money moves that will have a lasting impact on America’s future.

Biblical Responsible Investing is for Christians who want to become more intentional, resourceful, and collaborative with their money, as well as how to use the financial markets to increase their return. Additionally, it explores various ways to become involved in the latest trends in the money market.

Originally designed as a manuscript for Wall Street executives to gain insight into Christian approaches to money decisions, Biblical Responsible Investing documents eleven principles that, when understood, will bring a fresh and essential perspective to the table. The revised manuscript is tailored to the needs of everyday people, providing practical direction on how the trends identified can be applicable to their personal financial decisions. Inside the shadowboxes found at the end of each chapter are the tools for Christians to confidently make their financial decisions with a focus on helping their own community and faith. 

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