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Mentor Coaching

Effective Mentoring For The Personal And Professional Development of Young Adults

Terrice Thomas

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When you were a young adult entering the workforce, were you ready?

In Mentor Coaching, author Terrice Thomas addresses the unfortunate truth that high school graduates, college students, and college graduates commonly feel under prepared for the real world. Thomas, presents a how-to guide for mentors to help prepare young adults for the future. Topics she touches on include:

  • What makes a good mentor vs. a bad mentor
  • How to set goals and why it's important
  • How to build relationships

Through personal anecdotes about being a mentor and a mentee, Thomas lays out strategies to lift up our young professionals. Mentor Coaching is a book that is long overdue to assist with the personal and professional development of young adults.



Leadership, Management, Mentoring, Coaching, Gen- Z, Workplace culture, Young Professionals