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Woodcarving Illustrated Issue 47 Summer 2009

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Best of Show

Award-winning carvings from the nation's top woodcarving shows

Sharing the Joy of Carving Wood

By Dave Brock

Build self confidence and provide a life-long hobby by teaching kids to carve

First Cuts

Mark Gargac and Fred Wilbur provide valuable tips for carvers and share their first carvings

Exploring the Culture of Maori Woodcarving

By Mike Davies

New Zealand natives use woodcarving to document their history and honor their ancestors


Making a Tramp Art Frame

By Jim Sebring

Easy chip cuts and simple joints make this frame an ideal project for novice carvers

Hand Carve a Realistic Wolf

By Dee Gipson

Woodburn detailed fur texture on this classic predator

Power Carve an Eagle Pin

By Al Groncki

Miniature project hones your carving and burning techniques

Create a Nostalgic Whirligig

By Vernon DePauw

Simple carved features, spinning arms, and a rustic finish make this project a winner

Carving a Wren in the Round

By Chris Pye

Work with the grain and supporting wood to add strength to fragile areas

Making a Gargoyle Cane

By Shawn Cipa

Construction techniques for carving a functional cane

Carving a Watchful Dragon

By Floyd Rhadigan

This fun shelf sitter is the perfect guardian for your bookshelf


How to Select the Right Power Carving Equipment

By Chuck Solomon and Dave Hamilton

An overview of the types of tools and different models

Carving Realistic Wrinkles and Folds

By Mary-Ann Jack-Bleach and Fred Zavadil

Create accurate details by studying how clothing relates to anatomy

Creating a Simple Armature

By Marv Kaisersatt

Design your own carving with the aid of armatures and clay models


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