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Super Sonic Logos

The Power of Audio Branding

David Allan

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This book looks at the best of the best of sonic logos from the people who gave them notes. Whether you consider them to be music to your ears or earworms, these are the ten most noteworthy sonic logos of all time and one future hall of famer. So open your computer and meet Water Werzowa the creator of the Intel logo and Brian Eno who gave Windows 95 sound.

Remember your favorite television show or movie and say hello to Mike Post from Law and Order fame, Dr. James “Andy” Moore from THX and John Williams who scared us in Jaws…and don’t forget to honor those NBC chimes.

Keep your phone on in case you get a ring from Lance Massey on your T-Mobile or Joel Beckerman on your AT&T commercial. And if you get hungry, there’s always something from McDonald’s courtesy of Bill Lamar or a Coke from Joe Belliotti and Umut Ozaydini. Finally, pay for it all with your Raja Rajamannar’s Mastercard.



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