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Business Sustainability

Investor, Board, and Management Perspective

Zabihollah Rezaee

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Business sustainability has become economic and strategic imperative with potential to create opportunities and risks for businesses. There have been considerable efforts by regulators and business organizations to encourage the board of directors and management to pursue profit-with-purpose goals in by focusing on long-term investment and integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability into their strategic and investment decisions. The concept of impact investing, of focusing on the importance and relevance of corporate investment strategies in achieving financial economic sustainability performance (ESP) in creating returns on investment and in obtaining non-financial ESG sustainability performance of providing positive social and environment impacts, is gaining acceptance by retail and institutional investors. Positive effects on the environment and society cannot be achieved without allocating scarce resources that could otherwise be used to maximize firms’ financial economic performance. The role of the board of directors is to oversee the managerial function of focusing on the long-term financial ESP and non-financial ESG sustainability performance, effectively communicating sustainability performance information to all stakeholders.

This book examines the crucial role of investors both retail and institutional investors and interment managers, the corporate board of directors and management in collaborating to achieve financial ESP and non-financial ESG sustainability performance in creating shared value for all stakeholders. This book also highlights how people, business and resources collaborate in achieving sustainability performance of creating shared value for all stakeholders. Anyone who is involved with business sustainability and corporate governance will be interested in this book.

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