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Well #9

Scott Roberts

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Behind every light switch is a coal miner. Inside every car engine is a roustabout and mud logger. Our smartphones charge on coal, our vehicles drink gas and oil given up by our prehistoric ancestors and pumped from the ground by people we never meet. 

Meanwhile, there are Dani and Cap Pellegrin, Mr. John, Robert Brooks, Allen and Mora and Jacob. They are just as human in their feelings, just as American, yet somehow hidden, forgotten if we ever knew them. They have their own expectations of life, their love, their children, their craft. 

Just like us. If we could just take a peek in those lives, to see what they're like, we could start to appreciate each other.

Well #9 is just a small attempt to peel back those layers, so we can see their faces and see ourselves.  



true fiction, america, fiction, disaster, novel, explosion, working class