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Wake Up

Alejandro Marron

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


"I get the feeling I am not real," said Vlad.

"You are not. You are my dream."


Vlad is a graphic designer for an IT start-up company in Denver. One night, he has a dream that reveals to him that he is not real, and the individual he meets in this alternate dimension, his creator, takes Vlad on a voyage through the annals of history. From the Belgian Congo, The Blitz, and The Crusades, to The Vietnam War, Ali vs Frazier, and the birth of a musical revolution, the dream is about to end, and with it, so too will Vlad's existence.

Alejandro Marron's Wake Up is a psychological, sci-fi, and philosophical petri dish that poses the ever-lasting inquiries of why are we here, where were we before, and when will this end?

And, of course, is it all just a dream?

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imagination, novel, sci-fi, dreaming, american, psychological