Do B2B Better

Drive Growth Through Game-Changing Customer Experience

Jim Tincher

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Customer Experience expert Jim Tincher provides the wisdom and tools to show business-to-business (B2B) organizations how to build and sustain superior customer experience (CX) as a core business activity.

Any business leader knows that customer loyalty is the key to a thriving business. But what if your customer is another business? Consistent research shows that most B2B companies lag behind their B2C counterparts on customer experience, primarily because of the increased complexity in serving businesses over individual consumers.

Do B2B Better is a call to action for business-to-business (and B2B2C) organizations to improve their customer experience strategy, leveraging a powerful model called the CX Loyalty Flywheel. From interviews with hundreds of CX leaders, Jim Tincher shares stories of how B2B companies have implemented successful CX programs, including Dow, Hagerty, Ultimate Kronos Group, and Salesforce. Learn what sets them apart from the competition and deliver exceptional experiences and bottom-line results for your organization.

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