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Spiritual-Busyness from Surviving to Thriving

Alex Graham

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To create a dynamic world culture of the possibility

of our daily busyness, where everybody wins

and our spirits soar, to bring heaven to earth

and every human experiences an abundance

of joy and happiness for their daily work.


I started this journey of creating the Spiritual-Busyness model thirty-five years ago, almost by accident. I hadn't intended to create a brand new dynamic model business model that is demonstrably sustainable forever. A model that eliminates the 'them and us' in our communities and has the potential to end poverty in our world. A journey that would have me stand for Federal politics on two occasions on the basis of introducing the community creating model. My journey started out as a real business to build a hexagonal fire shelter to offer its owners and occupants a high degree of safety in a bush fire situation. I was a local self-taught builder, with a penchant for high innovation. I was a member of my local CFA (Country Fire Authority) in my home state of Victoria. I have attended many bushfires. As our world knows Australia is prone to disastrous bushfires, as is a large part of the rest of our world in what has become known as climate change. The building was gem I say in all humility, and still is, a magnificently safe and attractive shelter. In six months I generated 25 million dollars of interest in the building, which included the Victorian Ministry of education, who wanted about 160 units. The Ministry had spent two years doing R&D on their own shelter and came up with a rectangular box with a flat roof. My hexagon was half the size, with a pitched roof, but I could link two together forming a figure eight. The Ministry sent a team of engineers and architects to evaluate my building. They concluded it was a far safer building than their own. Bottom line I could build the two units for a quarter of the price of their rectangular box I had a small team of people, mainly women, helping me develop and build the building and build the building. The team worked on a voluntary basis. The outcome of this attempt in the world of business left me technically financially bankrupt despite being promised a research and development grant, which was never forthcoming, by the Victorian State Government of the day.

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