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A Preacher's Confession

(Rivers of Living Waters)

Thomas Chesley

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


When I gave my life to the Lord, I used to get angry with myself all the time and I felt hopeless. I kept falling into sin and making dumb decisions that kept me from being successful. How could I be so smart and still be so stupid that I can't beat this thing? Self-pity began to gain strength. I got depressed, at one point I was homeless, and I gave up on myself. I walked away from God many times. One day my mother prayed with me and gave me a Bible and told me to read Romans. I later became a Minister. I couldn't get it right because I couldn't get past my addiction and my own self-interests. How could this be? I am a Minister. Who does the man of God go to when he is failing? The answer is clearly God. I became convinced that my testimony may help some other Ministers who struggle with the same things I did. Like me, they may be waiting on God and hoping He hears them, too!

One day I accepted that even Preachers can fail. I wasn't doing anything constructive with my life at that time. I decided to trust God. I didn't know if He would do it, but I prayed anyway. I soon believed that if I asked God for faith, and told people the truth, God was going to change me. Today, I am a Minister in good standing in a church in Orange County, CA and the CEO of a nonprofit called A Touch of Love Works. When you read A Preacher's Confession, you discover that in spite of everything that is wrong with me, there is a side of me that wants to make the world a better place and I will do my part.

This is my story. To God be the glory.

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