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Mental and Spiritual Wellness

For the Post-COVID-19 Cosmetologist

Robin "Honey" George

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This book contains potentially dangerous information for being set free from mental torment through the finished work of Jesus Christ! It is an amazing and practical read, full of useful tools for tearing down negative thinking while offering God's word in a step-by-step approach to change.

In March of 2020, we all experienced the global pandemic, resulting in the shutdown of our economy. The things we trusted and sought comfort in were no longer accessible to us. All we had were the people in our homes and the hope in our hearts.

As a service-based independent contractor, it wasn't just my business that was hit hard by the economic breakdown. My mind and faith and trust in God were all challenged by this difficult season.

In the middle of all of this panic and unrest is where I found His strength made perfect in my weakness. I learned to reflect on my past experience and apply God's word in a practical way that brought healing to my mind.