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A Different Perspective

Beryl Mears

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Have you found yourself saying 'I will be glad when its all over," "Ba Humbug", "Its getting to be too expensive" etc. then Christmas A Different Perspective is for you. However don't let the title fool you, the book offers good reading throughout the year. Some people start to shop for the next Christmas the day after Christmas sale (Boxing Day). The book offers an insightful look at the meaning of Christ birth and offers an alternative way to celebrate this life changing, world-changing event, and capture the real meaning and Spiritual joy of Christmas. If you have ever felt empty, depressed and pressured by the traditional Christmas rituals, then this book is written for you also. Looking for something new, inspirational and refreshing about Christmas?, Yes, Christmas: A Different Perspective is the answer. The book is a Divinely inspirated long overdue wake up call to Christian consciousness about the way Christmas is celebrated. Whether you are eight or eighty, Christian, or non-Christian or just curious, the Author Beryl Mears has presented spiritually inspired insights that will make you rethink the Christmas celebration in a positive life changing way. Ms Mears has used a concise, fully documented (Bible chapter and verse citations) style to enlighten one and all.



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