The Best Laid Plans

Caroline Sofer

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


This is a fictional story about a frail young girl who witnessed her parents being killed at the hands of a rebellious group, causing chaos to make changes in their country. The young girl was encouraged by her mother to find a way to flee the country and to safety, giving her a pillowcase of silver to buy her way to freedom. The pillowcase contained some odd pieces of silver along with a silver tea set, which was her mother’s pride.

Claire sets off on a terrifying journey with the help of a manservant whom she had no trust in forcing her to go in a direction she had no intention of going. She eventually ended up being left after a few days to fend for herself in a strange country and fearing this was the end of her life—not being able to keep her promise to her mother to try and get to safety.

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