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Cheddar's Lonesome Cousin

Anna Guidry

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Mr. Ham finds out just who Jesus is when he misses Cheddar The “Wild Cheese after he has been missing from his sandwich. He is lonely and can’t find him. He falls asleep crying, and in his dream, he meets an angel who directs him back to the Lord and His Holy Word. Then he finds out that Cheddar has been found safe and that Jesus is truly their SUPERHERO.

This world is full of superhero’s that children forget about God being “THE SUPERHERO.” The Lord reminds me of how strong and powerful He is every day and because I have grandchildren, I remind them just how much of a SUPERHERO GOD IS. This book is dedicated to my eight grandchildren, and to all the children looking for the real SUPERHERO in their lives who can answer all the questions that will bring them peace and comfort when they are searching for answers. God gave us a SUPERPOWER when He gave us JESUS. HE IS THE SUPERPOWER and our SUPERHERO. Let’s turn our kid’s eyes on the REAL POWER, JESUS CHRIST WHO IS THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. What a HERO!

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