The Blessed Hope

Prepared to Live Like Jesus Could Return Today

Todd W. Schultz Ed.D.

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Do you remember when you first became a Christian? You took every chance to read the Bible. You wanted more than anything to please Jesus. You couldn’t wait to see him. But now life’s circumstances have distracted you from your desire to see Jesus face-to-face.

Many books address end-times prophecy. Some self-help books teach how to achieve success. The Blessed Hope transcends both of those by renewing your original passion to see Jesus and by rediscovering how to live like him in these last days before his return.

Living like Jesus could return today means you

live like every day is the day you will see him,

view life’s circumstances with an eternal perspective,

display exclusive loyalty to Jesus above all others, and

live with a counter-cultural life and revolutionary love.

The Blessed Hope will challenge you to transform how you think about living for Christ so that your life looks like his during these uncertain times before he comes again.

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