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Every Day with Jesus Devotional

God Loves and Cares for You

Shirley A Howard

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Mrs. Virginia Hall writes: "I love to start my day with my mind on the Lord. Reading this daily journal has helped me realize God's presence when you dive into His Word. Opening your heart and mind, letting God's Word guide and keep you. You can see a brighter future and forgiveness for your past. . . No way His word will leave you void. Thanks, Shirley for allowing me to enjoy and go on this journey with you."

Ms. Erica Wade states: This journal helped me cope with everyday life. The daily scriptures and prayers inspired me to stay positive when I was going through difficult times. The poems were inspirational and refreshing; I sensed God's presence. God's blessing is within this journal and you can feel every word as you read and meditate.

I also shared the devotions with my children. As we read together, we drew closer to God-no matter what, God is always there for you. I gained strength and was able to trust God more in everyday life. It turned my negative thoughts into positive ones, increasing my belief and faith in God. Thank you Shirley for sharing your journey with me.



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