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Old Frames, New Pictures

Judy Baldwin Lord

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Ratgeber / Familie


Welcome back to the not-so-sleepy town of Brooksport Village, where life continues to unfold. This is the place that will bring to the surface more mysteries and secrets that have been "closeted" inside human hearts for years. Their pain is about to end in this town that has already known its share of storms, grief, joy, and sorrow. It is a special town that puts its arms around all the "forlorn."

Once again, join the author as you walk with the characters you have come to love in Open Door. Be introduced to the new personalities, who will find themselves on the precipice of experiencing changes in their lives leading them to a new life of faith, hope, and love.

Just as Open Door brought change to hearts that were searching for forgiveness and new beginnings, Old Frames, New Pictures shows us that a person's past can be successfully blended into the present that brings hope for the future.

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