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A Love That Traveled but Never Died

Caleen Radabah

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


This enlivening Western novel takes the reader on an excursion of a bride ordered in the mail from the 1800s. Seemingly a wife-to-be, this woman finds herself in quite the predicament when the man who ordered her is a no-show. With all her hard earnings spent and no way back home, what is she to do? There is no other choice than to steal and almost sell her body. When at the brink of a life meltdown, she encounters a prestigious cowboy who sweeps her off her feet. She had a strong will to survive, and falling in love was never even a thought that crossed her mind. She could never say no to a lonesome cowboy with looks to kill and who was quite well-to-do. Although she was hoping to find a way out of her predicament, this mail-order bride is in for quite the shocker! A Love That Traveled but Never Died is a small read but is compact with a lot of action and romance. If you want to step into her shoes, then this book tells a story that will have you in tears, really knowing what life would be like for a female to be ordered in the Wild West. If you like a novel that can make you feel the emotions, then you'll live out this heartfelt journey with every turn of the page.

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