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Good Little Marauder

Matt Cook

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


1962: At a high-end art brokerage in Paris, Kate Atwell’s friends know her as the lucky one. The daughter of a wealthy British family, she’s got everything. Talent. Beauty. Privilege. A promising career as an art consultant.

And a secret . . .

Her name isn’t Atwell. Her real father had been an officer in the Third Reich, and Germany’s most infamous forger of art. 

She’s kept her family history buried for twenty years, ever since the awful night in 1942, when Allied soldiers had raided her home, crashing into her father’s studio and gunning him down.

So much about that night is still shrouded in mystery. She’d escaped from Germany with a forged painting clutched tight in her trembling hands—a copy of William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s portrait of a child, The Little Marauder.

What was the significance of the forgery? Why had her driver wanted so desperately to save it?

The mystery begins to unravel when Moritz Dahl—ostensibly an art student from Denmark—confronts Kate with information from her past. Before Moritz can share his own strange story, an attempt is made on both their lives.

On the run with a man she doesn’t know or trust, Kate and her unwelcome companion must delve into an historical deception so profound that it threatens everything she knows and believes.

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Espionage, thriller, historical, World War II, spy, art