Quitters Never Win

David Zackey

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Dave became a star witness in an FBI probe of a con man after having a business affiliation with the man. The business association cost him his life savings and retirement income plans. Resorting to becoming a home improvement contractor (after a career in the corporate world), he was working away from home, a week at a time, and staying in an empty house in an unfamiliar neighborhood. One day, after repeated phone calls from collection agencies and lawyers, he gripped the stepladder he was using and thought, Why am I trying so hard? I'll never make this up. I'm washed up financially. I might as well just quit. At that moment, the Holy Spirit reminded him of a sign that was posted at the top of the steps exiting his high school's wrestling room: "Winners never quit, and quitters never win." Dave's story is also interconnected with two others that have been recorded. One is the movie, Donnie Brasco. A movie based on the true story of an FBI sting of the Mob in New York City. This sting led to the incarceration of Dave's business partner, Joe, for money laundering. And the second, a book titled Trafficking: The Boom and Bust of the Air America Cocaine Ring by Berkeley Rice. The story of the man who has the acclaim of being the person who has brought the largest amount of cocaine into the United States by one person. Joe and his picture are actually in this book.