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A Doorway Back to Forever


Nanette O'Neal

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


What price would you pay to make everything right?

Sylvare’s minions pick off Skyborn targets one by one, hurling black poison through cracks in the sky wall. His Bloodborn forces move in to take over Tallisete, and Skyborn unite on both sides of the doorway to stop them. The Reckoning has begun.

To save their town, the elite warriors must leave it. Prince Calemir needs supplies from deep within the kingdom—orb-making materials and his beloved secret chain—to restore balance to the Legend. If the elite warriors honor the gift they’ve been given, they cannot fail.

But their journey takes them dangerously close to Midnight and tests their courage again. Sylvare had warned them never to return. One slip, and they would be subject to his power.

When all goes wrong, someone must make things right. Honor must be met, but at what cost?

A Doorway Back to Forever: HONOR pushes the warriors to their limits as they battle to save more than Tallisete. What would you sacrifice to make everything right?

“When you’ve run out of options, when you exhaust all your energy, and when you face the ultimate test of faith, there is only one option.  A Doorway Back to Forever: HONOR reminds us of the only everlasting gift we’ve been given and how that gift will never fail.” ~ Kary Oberbrunner, author of Your Secret Name, The Deeper Path, Day Job to Dream Job, and The Elixir Project.

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savior, family, action adventure, courage, redemption, boys, fantasy, faith