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Home of the Unknown Soldier

How Coming Back Became the Other Ultimate Sacrifice

Jill Dawn Armijo

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Our veterans were willing to die for freedom. Thankfully they came home. Families are grateful for the safe return of their heroes. Until they see the changes. Many couples struggle to stay together through substance abuse, mental illness, depression, PTSD, physical injury and illness.

Our veterans and their caregivers are paying "the other ultimate sacrifice" of learning to love each other again, finding purpose and joy in their new paradigm, and refusing to give in to judgment, shame and hopelessness. Jill married the man of her dreams, but thought something had gone terribly wrong. She thought the answer to their pain was to fix all his problems, and make him be the man she knew before the war. She learned that true love has nothing to do with similarities, chemistry or needing each other.

In her deeply personal account, Jill teaches: 1) Principles of emotional and spiritual recovery and health, 2) Self-care techniques that will get you from overwhelm to clarity, and 3) How to negotiate circumstances that are out of your control. Starting now, experiencing the "other ultimate sacrifice" can be your springboard to creating the life you want and deserve as you learn these tools.

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war, mental illness, marriage, memoir, schizophrenia, PTSD, sacrifice, model, depression, family, Gulf War, veterans