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Unplanned Parenthood

How to Successfully Raise the Children You Didn't Ask For

Dan Barber

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Honey, why are you crying? I’m PREGNANT! 

Those would be exciting words except we agreed not to have children. Now what?

There are numerous ways in which children can come into our lives unexpectedly.

Perhaps you fell in love with someone who already had a child and now you do too. Or you’re suddenly parenting your grandchildren are now they’re not just visiting for the weekend.  

Whether you desperately wanted children or they came into your life unexpectedly…

In Unplanned Parenthood…

  1. You will discover practical strategies to help you lead your family with confidence.
  2. You will be inspired to stay committed to your family.
  3. You will walk away with the ability to create your own successful parenting plan. 

Dan Barber has served as pastor, worked in private counseling practice and is currently a life coach. He has spoken to youth groups and juvenile detention centers and works with parents and families. He is a husband and father. He and his wife Kathy live in Coldwater, Ontario. They have been married 30 years and have two adult children, Megan and Alex and their son-in-law Jason.  

In 2015, Dan & Kathy opened Em’s Cafe in Coldwater. Kathy is the boss and whenever Dan is there he is the dishwasher. 

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