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With God by My Side

Elizabeth Singleton

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


This is book is based on the life of the abstract artist,
Elizabeth Singleton, and the sequence of events of how her
company, B’Mara Art started. After accepting Jesus Christ
as her Lord and Savior, she was shocked that her life did not
become smooth and tranquil. She did not understand the
role that Satan had in trying to stop her purpose.
She wrote this book to inspire others. She wanted others to
know that God does not promise the absence of pain as we
grow. In fact, he often uses pain to develop us and move
us toward our destiny and purpose. She added scriptures
at the beginning of each chapter in the hope that this will
encourage others to read the Bible, something she found
intimidating when she first started her own journey.
Through perseverance, fasting, praying, tithing, and reading
the Bible, God will move you toward your purpose in life.
God, with his infinite wisdom, knows exactly what to do to
move you closer to Him. Despite the pain you may feel, He
never leaves your side.

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