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Journey to Love, 10th Anniversary Edition

Janeen Michael

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Abused! The Preacher’s Wife! Divorced! How had I gotten to this place?

Not believing the truth of God’s unconditional love was the root of the problem. How could a child of God not believe He loves or cares about them? Though your life may look like He doesn’t love you and the disconnection that you may be experiencing in your relationship with God may make you feel like He doesn’t love you, God does love you! But how can you see and feel God’s love in the midst of pain-filled turmoil that is raging like a boisterous sea?

It isn’t a solution needed as much as an answer to the question that God is patiently and persistently asking you. Now including a study guide, join me in this tenth anniversary edition, as I help you calibrate your attention to hear God’s love-filled plea, “Will you let me love you?”

I pray that you answer God with a “yes” and allow Him to affirm His love for you and help you to know that He is with you! He longs to personally escort you to a place of clarity and wholeness. It promises to be an incredible Journey to Love.