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Saving America From Itself

Merrill Primack

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An insightful series of essays portraying a plateau of disfunctioning attitudes emanating from both the government and citizens and resulting in the gradual deterioration of strength and unification of the USA. It delineates issues and conditions that I consider detrimental to the future positive growth of our country. Some of these matters consist of negative public attitudes and withdrawal from commitment to America, some regarding multiple governmental disfunctions, some regarding citizens’ responsibility for voting. Some are attitude response to the business giants. Some are major legal infringement in the court system, some education disfunctions and misdirection of focus (while applauding the charter school program). There are, in addition, a description of several positive initiatives that I have presented for the financial enhancement of the participants. There are additional essays relating to the massive expansion of the US military might, the crisis of the extreme divisiveness of political opinion, the deleterious effect of sanctuary city policies, the technical robotization of the average American and their communication and its negative effect on their live social interaction, the blatantly prejudicial news sources, the plan for the empowered expansion of middle class businesses by additional loans from U.S. banks. Initiating our core beliefs in creativeness and excellence, the negativity associated with the demasculinization of the American male, the disintegration of morality, and freedom of speech. What is abundantly clear is that the only way that the country can survive is by making the citizenry clearly aware of the depth and severity of these conditions so that we can enforce changes, political and nonpolitical, in positively dealing with them. This book is intended to illuminate the background of such an effort.

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