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Fodor's Inside Portland

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With its fascinating history, incomparable culinary landscape, and blossoming art scene, Portland has become one of the most sought-after destinations for the hip, curious traveler. Fodor’s brand-new guidebook, Inside Portland, touches on the top tourist sights, from Powell’s Bookstore to the International Rose Test Garden, but also delves into the under-the-radar places that only insiders from Portland know about.

The Fodor's Inside series is designed for travelers looking for authentic, hyperlocal experiences. Perfectly sized to fit in your bag or pocket, these guides are designed with an artistic bent and are easy to use, look good, and don't make you feel like a tourist.

Written by Portland residents—with customized neighborhood maps and one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn illustrations by Jennifer Reynolds—Inside Portland covers the restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and boutiques in the neighborhoods that locals love best.

Fodor’s Inside Portland includes:

  • OFF-THE-BEATEN-PATH COVERAGE to help you explore locally loved, up-and-coming neighborhoods that other guidebooks don’t cover well or at all.
  • ITINERARIES that will help you plan your trip.
  • MAPS that are easy to read, plus a FREE PULL-OUT map.
  • BEST BET LISTS with our favorites in a variety of categories including: best local foods, best kid-friendly attractions, and most romantic restaurants.
  • AT A GLANCE FEATURES on local events, history, locally-made goods, books and movies set in Portland, and more.
  • COOL PLACES TO STAY highlighting the most unique lodgings in the city.
  • INSTAGRAM-WORTHY PHOTO SPOTS that tell you how and where to get remarkable shots that you’ll definitely want to share.
  • BEST CITY TOURS from the coolest companies, including brewery tours, culinary tours, and bike tours.
  • QUICK SIDE TRIPS to the best places in the Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, and the Willamette Wine Country.
  • GETTING AROUND features in every neighborhood to make navigation via public transit or walking easy.
  • INTERESTING STREET AND PUBLIC ART that is worth discovering.
  • BACK IN THE DAY SPOTLIGHTS of famous spots to give the city historical context.
  • COVERS the best neighborhoods in Portland, including Downtown, Pearl District, Old Town/Chinatown, Nob HIll, Washington Park, Forest Park, and more.

ABOUT FODOR'S AUTHORS: Each Fodor's Travel Guide is researched and written by local experts. Fodor’s has been offering expert advice for all tastes and budgets for over 80 years. For more travel inspiration, you can sign up for our travel newsletter at, or follow us @FodorsTravel on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We invite you to join our friendly community of travel experts at to ask any other questions and share your experience with us!

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*Important note for digital editions: The digital edition of this guide does not contain all the images or text included in the physical edition.

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