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Fodor's New Orleans

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Whether you want to drink on Bourbon Street, celebrate Mardi Gras, or listen to jazz on Frenchmen Street, the local Fodor’s travel experts in New Orleans are here to help! Fodor’s New Orleans guidebook is packed with maps, carefully curated recommendations, and everything else you need to simplify your trip-planning process and make the most of your time.

This new edition has been fully-redesigned with an easy-to-read layout, fresh information, and beautiful color photos.

Fodor’s New Orleans includes:

  • AN ILLUSTRATED ULTIMATE EXPERIENCES GUIDE to the top things to see and do.
  • MULTIPLE ITINERARIES to effectively organize your days and maximize your time.
  • MORE THAN 10 DETAILED MAPS to help you navigate confidently.
  • COLOR PHOTOS throughout to spark your wanderlust!
  • UP-TO-DATE and HONEST RECOMMENDATIONS for the best sights, restaurants, hotels, nightlife, shopping, performing arts, activities, side-trips, and more.
  • PHOTO-FILLED “BEST OF” FEATURES on “What to Eat and Drink in New Orleans,” “What to Buy in New Orleans,” and “The Best Spots to Listen to Live Music”.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES on “Mardi Gras,” “New Orleans Cuisine,” and “New Orleans Music History”.
  • TRIP-PLANNING TOOLS AND PRACTICAL TIPS including when to go, getting around, beating the crowds, and saving time and money.
  • HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL INSIGHTS providing rich context on the local people, politics, art, architecture, cuisine, music, and more.
  • LOCAL WRITERS to help you find the under-the-radar gems.
  • COVERS: The French Quarter, Bourbon Street, Faubourg Marigny, Frenchmen Street, the Garden District, City Park, Bywater, Treme, Magazine Street, Cajun Country, and more.

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ABOUT FODOR'S AUTHORS: Each Fodor's Travel Guide is researched and written by local experts. Fodor’s has been offering expert advice for all tastes and budgets for over 80 years. For more travel inspiration, you can sign up for our travel newsletter at, or follow us @FodorsTravel on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We invite you to join our friendly community of travel experts at to ask any other questions and share your experience with us!

*Important note for digital editions: The digital edition of this guide does not contain all the images or text included in the physical edition.

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