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ABA/AARP Wise Moves

Checklist for Where to Live, What to Consider, and Whether to Stay or Go

Sally Balch Hurme, Lawrence A. Frolik

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Considering a move? This easy-to-use guide helps you make the best choice for you, whatever stage you are in. Should you stay put? Would a few inexpensive renovations make your home the home of a lifetime? If you need a little help at home, where can you find it? Or should you move? And if so, where? And how to pay for it all?

Topics covered include:

  • Fitting your home to your needs
  • Downsizing to rental apartments, condos, and coops
  • Choosing independent living and active adult communities
  • Finding quality assisted living and memory care
  • Getting the best nursing care
  • Buying second homes
  • Deciding whether timeshares are worth it
  • Moving abroad

The authors, experts in the field who also have a broad range of personal experience, provide checklists in each chapter to help you discern your next steps and walk you gently through the process.