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Dance with Honey


C.M. Harold

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Helen is an unfulfilled woman. After nearly thirty years of marriage, the passion is gone. Even worse, her husband, Walt, has a wandering eye, which she discovers when she stumbles upon risqué photos of other women on his phone. Desperate to reignite the spark, she soon finds herself doing things she never dreamed possible.Brenner and Irving are two gay men living their best lives. Handsome, professional, and deeply in love, they plan to marry soon. But when the sexual overtures of a coworker dredge up the emotional trauma of Irving’s past, he becomes consumed with the urge to push past his sexual boundaries—and his new desire has the potential to shake his relationship with Brenner to its core.Brenner will do almost anything to keep Irving happy, including the unthinkable—but when a perfectly wrapped package lands at the door, his long-forgotten past gets stirred up, and nothing will ever be the same.All three will learn that no matter what your intentions, when you open yourself up to new experiences, life has a way of upending in ways you never expected.Because everything changes when you dance with honey.

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