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Watson and Jason Move to Australia

Nancy Avery

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Jason’s best friend is an intelligent beagle named Watson. One day Jason and Watson are playing Frisbee on the beach. The Frisbee lands in a mysterious cave, and something very magical happens. A collar suddenly appears around Watson’s neck which makes him appear to everyone as a bright little boy!

The coolest part is that Watson now gets to go to school with Jason. One day their favorite teacher begins a lesson about the fascinating continent of Australia. Watson is excited, but Jason is worried about their homework assignment.

That afternoon they arrive home to find Jason’s mom and dad very excited. Mom has received great news about a new job! And guess where? The family is moving to Queensland, Australia!

Soon Jason and Watson are on the adventure of a lifetime in a strange new place. Together they explore their new home, where they encounter many exciting adventures and some very unusual animals. They would love to share their discoveries and have you learn many new and interesting facts about this unique continent!

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culture, Geography, moving to a new country, friends