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The First Alien Christmas

Bernardine S. Stevens

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What would you do if you discovered your Christmas tree was an alien from another planet? Zorn was once a vibrant, colorful planet but now it is dying. Empress Eigna knows she must find another home for her subjects and it must be one with plenty of carbon dioxide, which Zornians need to survive. Earth appears to be the perfect relocation option; however, there are issues with the way humans treat each other. How will they ever accept aliens immigrating from another planet? While her military advisor is all for exterminating the entire human race, others push for a more peaceful resolution. Searching for answers, the empress sends Ybbuc, her most trusted intelligence agent, to Earth. He is to learn about humans and how Zornians can adapt to life on Earth. After visiting several locations, and having encounters with both people and animals, Ybbuc feels the task is almost impossible. Eventually he travels to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the Christmas City, where he encounters a loving Christian family. He is forced to use his transformation powers to turn himself into a blue spruce tree to avoid being discovered as an alien. In this form, he is able to observe the family and is taken on a journey of enlightenment through their faith and love. Then, on that snowy Christmas Eve in the small city of Bethlehem, Ybbuc learns the true meaning of Christmas and the solution for his species' survival.