The Odds of Grace

The Lynde Doup Story

Lynde Doup

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You never really know when your ‘time’ is going to come.

You never really know when

God is going to shake you and give you a violent wake- up call.

And you never really know when

What it’s going to be like when you’re hanging onto your life

By a tiny, frayed thread, begging God to show you mercy

As everyone around you prepares to say their goodbyes.

But I know what it’s like. I’ve been so close to death

That I could see and hear things that are otherwise unimaginable.

My body had been broken into what felt like a million pieces

I was so very close to leaving my family behind me;

With just a memory of what I used to be.

And I could hear the doctors as they tried to console my family.

And in my very final moments of pain and desperation by grace alone- my life was spared.

My name is Lynde, and this is my story.

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