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gypsum, lime stabilisation

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Architektur


People can live healthy in specific environmental conditions. Adobe construction has been providing inner space comfort for more than 9,000 years [1].

Structures have been built with industrial structural materials since industrial revolution. However, these materials cannot meet the demand alone. It is necessary that various materials complete one another to avoid effects of heat, moisture balance, fire, water and sound isolations.

Industrial production (conrete, iron etc.) pollutes the environment with solid, liquid and gas wastes and consumes non-recyclable natural resources of the world with the energy it uses in the process.

1.6 million tones carbondioxide is released to the atmosphere in 1976. 6000 people died due to air pollution. It reduced heat energy of the USA by 28% between 1977-1980. It is planned to provide 500.000 barrel oil savings daily by changing type of the lamp in illumination energy. It is estimated that $ 700 billion is spent annually for balancing damage given to the environment and maintaining human life for some more time.



tubitak, kerpic, adobe