A Thief for God

Thomas Geagan

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


John Morgan's father was a career criminal who spent much of John's childhood in prison. The only lessons John learned from his father was how to pick a lock, how to crack a safe and how to break into a building. Yet Morgan was a compassionate person with admiration and love for the man Christ. Ultimately, he combined two vocations; that of a Catholic Priest and that of a Robin Hood-like thief.In spite of many good intentions, he was unknowingly at logger-heads with an autocratic, authoritarian church. He was accused of turning the rectory into a rooming house, of cavorting with a female and of favoring euthanasia. His blossoming romance conflicted with his love of the priesthood. Choosing the alternative created turmoil in his soul. The dramatic ending solves his dilemma.

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