Todi Walking Tours

Walking-Tour Guide for English-Speaking Visitors

Bernard Mansheim

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This book is a walking-tour guide for English-speaking visitors, through an ancient hill town in central Italy. Todi sits majestically above the Tiber River in the region of Umbria, very near the exact geographic center of Italy in Umbria. This region, known widely as "the green heart of Italy" for its lush fields and majestic hills, lies midway between Florence and Rome. Todi, a prototypical Italian hill town, was founded over 2,500 years ago and has retained its historic beauty by being surrounded by a set of walls that has prevented any new construction and experienced almost no demolition for over 500 years. The guide offers four walking tours that allow the visitor to appreciate historic sites from the Etruscan era, through the Roman centuries, and into the Renaissance. Each walk can be done in a leisurely fashion with almost no distraction from noise or car traffic.

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