The Life of a Turpentine Girl

Sarah Evelyn Holland Shaw

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Have you ever wished for the simpler things in life like wearing flour-sack panties? Have you ever wondered what life was like in 1920""1930's South Georgia? Journey with Sarah Evelyn Holland Shaw as she tells you about the amazing life of a turpentine still worker's daughter. Evelyn will take us on adventures with her family as they follow their father from town to town as he worked as a wood rider at turpentine stills. They may have been poor growing up, but were never bored using their imaginations to create games or cornhusk dolls. Evelyn sums up her early days as, "Life was one perfect summer day." As Evelyn and her siblings got older, they got to experience what working in cotton fields, tobacco barns, and peanut fields was all about. Evelyn's mom was strict and made many sacrifices for her children. She had to be to make ends meet and keep them safe. The family had many a meals of hoecakes with maple syrup. Follow Evelyn as she finds the love of her life during World War ll. They begin their own family and use the lessons she learned in her early days to create her own dreams.