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Slow Travel

Escape the Grind and Explore the World

Jennifer M. Sparks

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A seasoned worldwide traveler shares tips for making your adventurous dreams come true. Slow travel expert JenniferM. Sparks has traveled independently through nearly fifty countries on six continents. In this book, she shares simple tips, tools, and techniques for pursuing your own adventuresat your own pace and on a budget. If you dream of experiencing the beauty of the differences in language, culture, and geography around the globe, don't let life pass you bySlow Travel gives you the inspiration and information you need to take a much-needed break from the rat race and the responsibilities of daily life. It's time to slow down and enjoy what the world has to offer! ';A must read for any traveler who wants to experience the most enriching kind of travelimmersing yourself in a different culture and letting adventure play out at its own pace.' Michelle Lamphere, author of The Butterfly Route