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Leonard & Loulou

Esther Buerki

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Leonard and Loulou explores the important theme of being bullied as a child and not feeling good enough compared to peers. When Leonard wakes up one morning, a cat is sitting on his bed, thus begins the start of a wonderful friendship between a boy and a cat—Leonard and Loulou. Loulou takes Leonard to the cats’ and dogs’ world and teaches him how to be more self-confident, while Leonard teaches the cats and dogs how human beings express their feelings. Esther Buerki started writing this charming story when her own son didn’t want to go to school and would have preferred to stay at home with his little cat. Leonard and Loulou helps young children and adults alike to speak about their feelings and encourages a feeling of importance in their lives.

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Cats, Sensitive child, Escape from school, Not self-confident, Animals, Feelings, Boy, Feeling not good enough, Being bullied, Hating school, Cat language, Mobbing