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Your Teen’s Miraculous Brain

Eight Drug-Free Essentials for Overcoming Teen Mental Illness

Nina Farley-Bates

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Your Teen’s Miraculous Brain provides advice for parents to help their teen succeed when nothing else is working.

Traditional psychiatry, psychotherapy, and pastoral counseling … many Christian parents have tried these methods to help their troubled tweens, teens, and young adults, but have found that nothing works. These parents are frustrated, feel criticized by their church community, and no one seems to understand their teen with caregivers providing outdated advice. In Your Teen’s Miraculous Brain, Dr. Nina Farley-Bates combines Christian principles and scientific methodology to bring relief to struggling families, gleaning from her twenty years of experience to help teens thrive. She walks parents through how to make eight essential changes, sharing valuable information to improve teens’ brains, including what parents need to know to launch their teen into a better adulthood, how teens can get more restful sleep, and more. With Dr. Farley-Bates’s help, parents watch their teens take quantum leaps into a more successful future, make lasting positive changes in their life, and become the hands that productively rock their world.

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Brain health, Problem teens, Child mental health, EMDR, Suicidal teens, Anxiety, Internal Family Systems, ADHD, HeartSync psychotherapy, Depression, ADD, Neurofeedback