Regain Be Gone

12 Strategies to Maintain the Body You Earned After Bariatric Surgery

Sameera Khan

ca. 18,96
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An experienced dietician shows how to keep the weight off after bariatric surgery.With twenty years of training in the field of bariatrics, trusted dietitian Sameera Khan shares strategies toward a balanced, stress-free weight-loss journey so that readers can feel confident, powerful, and successful. Weight regain is a manageable setback that can be reversed with a little effort and guidance. The longer one ignores it, the harder it is to regain lost ground, so act now. Regain Be Gone is the only resource people need to help them keep weight regain at bay after bariatric surgery.Praise for Regain Be Gone"e;A great book and really good, comprehensive companion for both patients and practitioners."e; -William S. Richardson, MD, FACS, FAMBS; Professor, University of Queensland; Section Head General Surgery, Ochsner Clinic, New Orleans, LA"e;Sameera Khan is an incredibly knowledgeable guide on your weight loss journey following bariatric surgery. With decades of experience as a dietitian and physical assistant working with weight loss surgery patients, she is an invaluable resource."e; -Allison M. Barrett, MD. FACS, FASMBS; Director of Bariatric Surgery at Penn State St. Joseph Medical Center, Reading, PA; Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Penn State University