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The 3K Movement

Conquering the Hurdles of Life

Chideha Warner

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


The 3K Movement shares with personal trainers to young entrepreneurs the driving forces behind overcoming challenges big and small and the keys to open the door to their success.

Many successful trainers have helped their clients reach basic fitness goals, but few have traveled the road of hard knocks and life challenges such as that traveled by Chideha Warner. His story offers powerful inspiration to fellow trainers and people of all backgrounds who believe in an unwavering commitment to excellence and doing things the right way in the “gymnasium of life”. In a societal era with an alarming focus on “getting ours and getting over”, Chideha’s message speaks to the power of pushing for something bigger and lasting, namely, using one’s knowledge and skills to help others to be their best.

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