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Esoteric Poetry From The Other Side

Maria Martinez

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


An Italian American born, at the age of six, Maria realized she was different. Maria Martinez has been a professional psychic for over fifty years. During that time, she has come across ghosts, spirits, and a myriad of different specters as she has continually tried to assist clients with the betterment of their lives. Whether it's telling clients the future of their lives or their business, contacting spirits, or performing an exorcism, she has been instrumental for the betterment of many lives. Maria had even been credited for saving and prolonging the lives of many of her clients over the years through several different means, including early detection of cancer. Maria has worked with law enforcement to solve many crimes when they had no leads or the victim had sadly passed away. Maria has also been studied by the UCLA paranormal division in the 1980s and found to be one of the most gifted psychics of our time. Between speaking engagements, readings, and conducting paranormal investigations, Maria has also been able to chronicle some of her most influential spirit messages and has laid them within the pages of this book, Esoteric Poetry From The Other Side. Maria also takes the reader on a spiritual journey through the pages, giving them the knowledge of spirit meaning. Maria had come to a higher level of understanding the other side. Maria hears the spirits' messages but also receives apparitions in full view.

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