Port Cities of the Atlantic World

Sea-Facing Histories of the US South

Jacob Steere-Williams (Hrsg.), Blake C. Scott (Hrsg.)

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University of South Carolina Press img Link Publisher

Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Traces the maritime routes and the historical networks that link port cities around the Atlantic world

Port Cities of the Atlantic World brings together a collection of essays that examine the centuries-long transatlantic transportation of people, goods, and ideas with a focus on the impact of that trade on what would become the American South. Employing a wide temporal range and broad geographic scope, the scholars contributing to this volume call for a sea-facing history of the South, one that connects that terrestrial region to this expansive maritime history. By bringing the study up to the 20th century in the collection's final section, the editors Jacob Steere-Williams and Blake C. Scott make the case for the lasting influence of these port cities—and Atlantic world history—on the economy, society, and culture of the contemporary South.

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