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Ring of Deceit

Carole Holden

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Frank Hughes is crazy with grief over the death of his AIDS-stricken lover. When he is found dead at the base of his apartment building, his best friend, Cece Gardner, can’t believe that he has committed suicide. She finds a puzzling telephone message from the Drug Enforcement Agency that leads to her eventual realization that Frank had been murdered.Cece is determined to find the killer or killers. Her hunt puts her in harm’s way as she is dealing with a vicious gang of drug smugglers and purveyors of contaminated medicines. Aided by a former DEA agent, Cece continues her quest to find Frank’s killers, and inadvertently, she uncovers the bogus drug ring.Carole W. Holden holds a doctorate in Political Science from Rutgers University and is a former professor of Political Science and chair of the department at New Jersey City University. She lives in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.