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Fixing Your Feet

Injury Prevention and Treatment for Athletes

Tonya Olson, John Vonhof

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Get the book that covers what you need to know about foot care, including footwear, prevention, and treatment.

Hiking, backpacking, running, walking, and other athletic endeavors, your feet take a beating with every step. Don’t wait until foot pain inhibits your speed, strength, and style. Learn the basics—along with the finer points—of foot care before pain becomes a problem. Foot expert and ultrarunner John Vonhof and physical therapist Tonya Olson share how the interplay of anatomy, biomechanics, and footwear can lead to happy (or hurting!) feet. Fixing Your Feet covers all that you need to know to care for your feet, right now and hundreds of miles down the road!

Inside You’ll Find

  • Tried-and-true methods of foot care from numerous experts
  • Tips and anecdotes about recovery and training
  • Information about hundreds of foot-care products for nearly every foot ailment
  • High-interest topics such as “Barefoot & Minimalist Footwear,” “Blister Prevention,” and “Providing Foot Care for Athletes”
  • Discussions of individual foot care and team care

“From heels to toes, products to pathology, resources to rehabilitation, this book has it all. An essential guide.”
Runner’s World

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