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Desolation Wilderness and the South Lake Tahoe Basin

A Guide to Lake Tahoe's Finest Hiking Area

Jeffrey P. Schaffer

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Your Guide to Northern California’s Spectacular Hiking Area

Craggy mountain crests, dozens of hiking trails, and 130 lakes packed into 100 square miles of scenic beauty, Desolation Wilderness is one of the country’s most popular wilderness areas. It is minutes from Lake Tahoe and just a few hours from Sacramento and San Francisco.

Explore the mountain landscape with hiking expert Jeffrey P. Schaffer. This comprehensive guide provides information on hiking, camping, wildlife, and natural history. It covers all of Desolation Wilderness, as well as Emerald Bay, the South Fork American River, and the Upper Truckee River. Written in cooperation with the federal Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, the guidebook has everything you need to plan your trip and to find your way in this unparralleled region.

Inside You’ll Find

  • Descriptions of 32 hikes, divided into four areas
  • Table of mileages to 80 trout-stocked lakes
  • Details on the terrain, lakes, animals, and vegetation
  • Tips on when and where to get permits, and how to enjoy your hike with minimal environmental impact
  • A list of the area’s campgrounds, arranged by trailhead locations
  • Full map of the region divided into seven sections



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