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Point Reyes

The Complete Guide to the National Seashore & Surrounding Area

Jessica Lage

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Get the complete guide to the Point Reyes peninsula in California, and discover the history of the area, activities to enjoy, and 50 hiking and backpacking trips.

Escape the urban hustle. Find the slow rhythm of time spent in nature. Just 30 miles from downtown San Francisco, the Point Reyes peninsula is a place apart—where trails weave through Douglas-fir forests, beaches rim the rocky coastline, whales swim in offshore waters, and coastal grasslands are swathed in wildflowers. Let Jessica Lage introduce you to this unparalleled area and guide you along its best trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, backpacking, and more.

Wander old ranch roads that have been converted into trails. Go birding on a tranquil estero. Gaze at wildflowers on the site of a once-thriving dairy ranch. The Point Reyes wilderness protects a diverse ecosystem. Of every species of California plant, nearly 18 percent can be found there—as well as almost 10 percent of the world’s marine mammal species. Plus, more than 45 percent of all North American bird species visit the seashore.

Point Reyes is your guide to the entire area: the national seashore, Tomales Bay and Samuel P. Taylor state parks, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and towns in the vicinity. The book presents the natural and human history of the area, activities to enjoy, and 50 detailed trips for hikers and backpackers.

Inside You’ll Find

  • Complete trail descriptions for 42 hikes and 8 backpacking excursions
  • Suggested activities, from kayaking to tidepooling
  • Natural and human history of the area
  • Small-town highlights, such as galleries, eateries, and museums
  • Full-color maps and photographs

Make your way to this recreational paradise. Whether you have a few hours, a weekend, or an entire vacation, a visit to Point Reyes is a trip you’ll remember forever.

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