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A New York Way to Go

Alessandro Ferdico

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Sachbücher / Sachbilderbücher


A young actor from Italy and a wardrobe designer from Illinois find each other in New York City at a time when same gender marriages are not recognized by the law. Fed by a pure, unconditional love for one another, they merge souls and skills for a decade. Collecting great highs and deep lows, their life together revolves around 8-shows-a-week both on and off Broadway. A marriage that survives civic discriminations, cultural differences, immigration struggles, and HIV, ultimately finds an unexpected curtain call.

“Alternately heartbreaking and hilarious!”
— Joe DiPietro, two-time Tony Award-winning playwright

“Beautiful, pure, deep and unfailing in its honesty. I read it straight through”
— Jeanine Tesori, Tony Award-winning composer

“A courageous tale of strength, will and the commitment of love and passion. Honest and real.”
— Tamyra Gray, American Idol finalist and Broadway star

“A beautiful accounting of love and loss at a time where there was not equal protection under the law.”
— Jennifer Simard, Tony Award nominee

“His stories don’t just cut to the bone. They also heal.”
— Stephanie Elizondo Griest, Author of ALL THE AGENTS & SAINTS

“This is a story of unflinching truth, heroic courage and the unshakeable force of redemptive love.”
— Charles Shaughnessy, Actor, husband, father and fellow traveler

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