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How It All Began

The Enchanted Tree #1

Clare Jaget

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Emily is staying with her cousin Thomas for the holidays. Today it is pouring with rain and a violent storm’s a-raging. When all calms down, the children notice that the big old oak tree at the bottom of their garden has blown right over, so with their dog Henry, they go out to investigate.

What a surprise when they peep down the hole to see a tiny spiral staircase leading deep underground!

Of course they have to climb down it, but what they find at the end is not what they imagined. An exciting world of adventures lies within reach as they make new friends and experience the magic of the enchanted tree.
Oh, and by the way, watch out for an unexpected guest who appears out of nowhere. He just might get it right one of these days!

A menagerie of fantastical creatures await in a land beneath an uprooted tree in this exciting beginning to a new series. Clare Jaget’s How It All Began is a delightful story that is suitable for children of all ages. Each chapter reads quickly and ends on a cliffhanger. Characters flit in and out of the scenes, and many are funny. There are some interesting facts about all these fantastical creatures that even adults would probably not know, they’ll enjoy eading them right along with their children or students.

The first book in The Enchanted Tree series has a very open-ended final page that leaves children wanting more. A strong, well-developed story.

                                                                                    — FOREWORD CLARION REVIEW by Kelly Thunstrom

Jaget’s children’s novel is a gentle, whimsical tale that provides young readers with a good introduction to fairy mythology. The prose is warm, friendly and pleasingly British, in a style that’s similar to that of many classic English works of children’s literature, but updated for the modern age. Jaget’s delightful, anachronistic melange [is] a sweet little fantasy.

                                                                                    — KIRKUS REVIEWS

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